Discovering ancient Jerusalem through archeology:

Tour M -  During this tour, you'll gain a better understanding of life during the time of the Temple Period.

Understanding life during the time of the 2nd Temple  Our day begins at the Model of Jerusalem during the 2nd Temple period, located at the Holy Land Hotel.  We’ll then return to the Old City and Walk the Ramparts until we get to Zion Gate (Sha’ar Tzion).  Our first stop will be the Temple Institute, which is diligently working to create all the vessels needed for the Temple (Beit HaMikdash).  Afterwards, we’ll head down to the Southern Wall excavations.  Here we’ll visit the new Virtual Temple exhibit, then explore the excavations which will help us understand the Beit HaMikdash and roads leading up to it.  Final activity is to explore the Western Wall Tunnels (known as the Kotel tunnel tour).

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