Tour of the lower Shomron Area

 Tour J: Traveling just north of Jerusalem, visiting Nebi Samuel, Tel Fuer, Psagot, Beit El, and Shilo.

Our first stop is Nebi Samuel – the traditional burial place of Shmuel HaNavi. From the roof we'll have a fantastic view of Jerusalem and areas to the north of Jerusalem. Visit King Hussein's unfinished palace at Tel Fuer, the same site as King Saul’s palace. We will review the borders of the tribes of Israel in this area as well as appreciating some historical (Biblical and modern) events which occurred in this to this area. From here, we will travel to Beit El, location of Jacob's dream and physical entryway into Eretz Yisrael.  Our travels will continue onto Shilo, home of the mishkan (the Tabernacle).  If there is time and interest, we'll stop off at the Psagot winery for a tour and tasting of their fine wines. 

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