Introduction to Jerusalem


Walking Tour of the Jewish Quarter, Kotel, and City of David- our most popular tour!!   Walk through the streets and alleyways of Jewish history.   Click to read more...

Our tour begins at Jaffa Gate (She’ar Yaffo).  We’ll briefly review the land marks surrounding this section of the OldCity, then continue towards the Jewish Quarter.  If you are interested, we can walk along the ramparts of the walls of the OldCity.  It’s a fun and interesting way to see the layout of the city.(lots of steps!!)  We’ll go into the Jewish Quarter, exploring this wonderful quarter and see how they rebuilt it keeping the feeling of antiquity yet moving onto modern times. While touring, we'll focus on First and Second Temple Jerusalem, and try to understand how the Beit HaMikdash (the Temple) was the center of Jewish life.  We’ll visit such sites as the Hurva, HerodianMansions, the Broad Wall, the Burnt house, Zion Gate, and rooftops.  After lunch, we'll head down to the Kotel , the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, and out of the Old City walls to the City of David, Ir David, where we will see what is believed to be parts of King David's palace!  We'll review early Biblical history (Kings David, Solomon, and Hezkiyahu), and walk through the famous Warren Shaft and if your up to it, continue with a refreshing and wet walk through the water system of the Shiloah Water Tunnel (otherwise known as Hezkiyahu's tunnel) with the option of continuing through the drainage tunnel system to the Southern Wall Excavations which includes the Davidson Center. 

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