Sites in Jerusalem

Tour L:  Spend the day visiting some of the major Jerusalem sites located outside the walls of the Old City as well as participating in a charity project.

JerusalemSpend the day visiting the following Jerusalem sites:
  • Ammunition Hill scene of one of the most difficult battles in the 6-Day War, whose victory allowed the Israeli forces to break through and recapture the Old City of Jerusalem.

  • Prison of the Underground Fighters - During the British mandate in Palestine (1918-1948), the building was used as the central prison.  Here, hundreds of Jewish underground fighters were imprisoned including members of Haganah, Irgun and Lechi (the Stern Group). Hear stories about the underground groups and see what life was like for the prisoners.

  • Yad Vashem, Holocaust Memorial museum - through personal testimonies, video clips, still photos, memoirs and mementos, this museum presents the historic events that befell Europe following Nazis' rise in power and the fate of the Jews under Nazi rule in occupied countries.

  • Herzl Museum -   This interactive movie helps the visitor relate better to Theodore Herzl and how he perservered to follow his dream in establishing a homeland for the Jewish people.

  • Walking tour of Mea Shearim (along with the Ungarim  and  Bucharan Quarters)– learn the real inside scoop on this community

  • Supreme Court - see how the Israeli court system incorporates Jewish values even in its building style.

  • The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum - This museum is about the life of Menachem Begin and his impact as a leader of the Etzel underground in the pre-state years, as party leader, and eventually as Prime Minister of the State of Israel. 


Charity Projects Here are just a few choices:  Yad Eliezer, Ezra V'shulamit, Yad L'kashish, Yad Sarah, Table to Table, helping out in food kitchens, visiting a hospital or nursing home, Shalva
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