One day tour to the North

TOUR H: A tour to the Gailee and Golan: Megiddo, Tziporri, Tiberius, Katzrin

Departing either from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv areas. Our first stop will be Megiddo, located at the opening of the Jezreel valley in northern Israel.  Megiddo was one of the main cities during King Solomon’s period, as well as a major city during the reigns of Omri and Ahab.  From here, travel to Tzippori Nature Reserve, an archeological park and the once home to Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi who codified the Mishna.  This was a small town that housed not only the great rabbis of the Sanhedrin, but also, at the same time, had a very large Hellenistic population that left a legacy of wonderful mosaics, including the "Mona Lisa of the Galilee."  For lunch, we'll travel to Tiberias and enjoy a meal at a restaurant just along the seashore.  Our journey will continue as we travel around the Kinneret and into the Golan.  We will visit the area of Katzrin, considered the capital of the Golan Heights, for a visit to the Golan Winery, where the art of kosher wine making will be explained, as samplings of some of the wines will be offered!  Return.


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