The upper Shomron Area

Tour K: Touring Psagot, Ofra, Shilo, Itamar, Elon Moreh, and Har Kabir

Depart from Jerusalem and stop off at Tel el Ful, building site where King Hussein of Jordan began building his palace on the west side of the Jordan River and it is also where Biblical King Saul lived in ancient times.  From this observation site, we will appreciate the layout of the land and better understand some historical (Biblical and modern) events which occurred in this area.  From here, we’ll stop off in Psagot, located in the hills of Binyaminm for an amazing view of Ramallah and environs.  Travel to Ofra and visit the Amona community.  Our journey continues further north to Shilo, home of the mishkan (the Tabernacle).  From here, we will travel to the community of Itamar, located in the majestic hills of the Shomron.  While in Itamar, we’ll have a chance to speak to a few of the local residents. Our final stop will be to Har Kabir for a spectacular view over looking Shechem, appreciating Har Grezim and Har Eval.  Return to Jerusalem.

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