NOVEMBER-DECEMBER IN ISRAEL As the weather here in Israel jumps from warm to rainy then back to warm and glorious, it's time to take advantage of the comfortable cool days for hiking. . In the Eilat Mountain ranges, this month's recommended hike is Nahal HaMapalim ??? ??????, that can include an extra 40 minute detour to Har Shlomo. To begin hike, take the Eilat by-pass road (western most road of the city) and turn off on black marked dirt road. Travel along this road, and veer to left at T junction (following the signs). Larger vehicles are recommended to stop at this point, where smaller cars and 4 x 4 can continue to beginning of trail. Continue along Green marked trail until arrive at red trail marker. You will be joining up for brief time with Shvil Yisrael. Hike begins at an altitude of 230 meters and rises to maximum altitude of 566 meters with fabuous look-outs. At this junction, can continue onto Har Shlomo which entails climbing and additional 100 meters but rewards the hiker with splendid views of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Returning from Har Shlomo and continue descending with the use of 10 different ladder/hand rail episodes. Great Hike. Should take between 3.5 - 4.5 hours, excluding Har Shlomo.
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